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Now digital.

Manage and scale your factory right from your phone

We at bijnis are revolutionising unorganised manufacturing industries by digitising factories.
Our goal is to make the factory smarter, faster and cost effective with the help of our technology, so that factory owners can scale and grow their business without any difficulty.


By bringing a factory’s demand side online we are not only helping you grow your profits but also scale at a much faster rate vs offline.
With our digital demand channel, you can now:

Take complete control over your distribution & create your own brand name

Supply to our network of 1,00,000+ retailers across India right from your phone

Supply directly to brands & other businesses etc.


Having a consistent & reliable supply channel online can save your factory's significant amount of time & money. You can source the rarest & the best possible materials without leaving your factory.
With our digital supply channel, you can now:

Source manufacturing materials like packaging, accessories, raw material online directly from verified vendors

Get wide variety & competitive pricing


By taking your operations management online, you no longer have to manually manage your factory operations. Having your operations managed digitally, you can now save, employ & distribute your resources more effectively.
With our digital operation management channel, you can now:

Manage & control your inventory, logistics, day to day operations, wage distribution, finances etc. right from your phone

Automate regular tasks like invoicing, sales report etc.

Reduce any chance of human errors

Scale, organise your factory effectively


Access to financial capital

We understand the importance of money in growing a business, thus, we connect factories with financial institutions for easier, quicker and lower interest loans

Access to human capital

For factories, finding labor is the biggest challenge that confronts the growth. To solve this problem, bijnis will help factories find and procure the right skilled/unskilled labor.


The factory app

Easiest & most cost effective way to build your factory's distribution channel.

Get a 360 view on your current distribution channel built via bijnis.

Get a detailed overview on your factory's sales & other details on the platform.

Manage & Assess your factory catalog.

Upload & update inventory right from your phone.

Sorted database of your potential parties, top retailers etc from your current retailer base on the platform.


for the digital age

Building digital solutions

For your factory.

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A partner for all your

Factory needs.

With bijnis I got a chance to sell my products all over the country without leaving my city. It has helped me in taking my brand to each corner of the country.

R ZOVI, Agra

bijnis is India’s most promising e commerce platform which has helped me in expanding my business by exploring new markets. bijnis has given my brand, recognition all across the country


ऑफलाइन बाजार के मुकाबले bijnis के माध्यम से अपनी ब्रांड बनाना आसन है। bijnis ने लॉकडाउन के बाद हमारी फ़ैक्टरी के बिक्री लक्ष्य हासिल करने में काफ़ी मदद करी है


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The bijnis circle.

'The bijnis circle' is where the 'community' is. Bringing together factory owners across
the country. Cultivating a place of growth, knowledge and creativity.

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The buyer app

Easiest & most cost effective way to buy from factories all over India without any hassle

Source from more than 1000 factories

Buy at factory price

Shop from a wide variety from 100+ factories

Get your orders delivered directly to your shop

Easy & trusted payment process

Join the network of 1 lac+ retailers


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